About Us

We Went From “I Do” to “Let’s Go!”

wanderlustHi Everyone!  I’m Meghan and this is Russell on the left.  We love to travel and eat!  We met 13 years ago and tied the knot in August 2016.  Right after our “big day” we decided to take a giant leap out of our home in Vancouver, BC, Canada and travel the world.  Follow us on our journey around the globe for great food, travel tips, and life lessons!

What is Apricus?

Apricus is that feeling you get when you sit in the sunshine and it fills you with warmth.  Like being wrapped in a warm blanket or in a big hug.  We hope to give you that same feeling with our blog!

More About Meghan:

travelI am someone who had a major perspective overhaul in the last few years.  I quit my corporate management job, and all the securities that came with it, to follow my passion and start a gluten free bakery (Apricus Bake Shoppe).  Yes, I am Celiac!  A lot, if not all, of the restaurants and recipes we post will be celiac friendly.

 I value people and experiences over accumulating wealth.  I think we’re all equal and should treat eachother as such.  I love the sun; which is how “Apricus” was born.  I also love to read.

More About Russell:

travelMy name is Russell Bonnici and I love to travel!  My passion began at the age of 21 with my first flight ever to San Diego, California.  Since then I have traveled to numerous cities and countries and I am now ready to embark on a brand new journey with my new wife, Meghan!

Today as a successful Global Sales Manager I am always connected and living in a virtual world.  I am now ready to give up my position and continue to travel the world and disconnect from the “Social World” to embrace what this globe has to offer.


An unknown adventure makes any passage thrilling and exciting but, more importantly, memorable.